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Lost Caverns of Enchanters

My second piece that I've done for my degree project at school and I'm closing in on my final week of this 10 week project. I've learned a lot and grown a lot, in more ways than I imagined. And I've had a blast doing it!
(3D assets from sketchfab)
So the little story behind this society of cave people is basically an old race that started mining the mountains, found a big magical crystal and loads of smaller ones that filled the inside of that mountain. They all had magical properties and the people (I call them Shubin at the moment) used them to enchant weapons and other items.
But prolonged exposure to the crystal over several generations mutated their bodies in to what you see now and their insides are now filled with magic from the crystal and the water that gets exposed to it.
They're, despite their looks, a fairly peaceful people but will defend their precious magic from any who'd like to steal it. And they seldom travel outside of their caves.