Tower of Scrolls
Tower of Scrolls

Last piece for my degree project at Futuregames. It has been quite the journey and soon I'll be starting my internship.
This time I tried to make an interior design concept. Once again I'm using my own world building project as an inspiration for this so here I used another race of mine so I could play around with new designs. I created a building where scholars come to study, teach, and do research.
The race, Gríma, is quite a wealthy and noble people, to the point that they can be rather arrogant. And the wealthier they are the more arrogant they tend to be. So they feel like they need to live in comfort at all times, even when studying, so it's quite comfortable and luxurious for a study/library.

I also want to say a HUGE thanks to Mikael Eriksson for mentoring me and some of my classmates through out these weeks. His help has been invaluable and I can't thank him enough.

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